Monday, March 2, 2015

Mudras for Balancing Vata

My Ayurvedic Constitution is VADA and when it is out of balance I do experience nervousness, insomnia and digestive disorders.  These Mudras, as demonstrated by R.R. Shakti are beautiful and easy to follow.  I love Mudras.  I love the gracefulness and calmness that comes over me.  Mudras are pranic circuits created with the hands and fingers that recycle energy back into the body that would otherwise flow out into the Universe.  Some Yogis believe the energy is  circuited back into the brain.  The following Mudras are for VATA, PITTA and KAPHA follow. Enjoy and thank you R.R. Shakti!

Monday, September 8, 2014


My eye is finally healing.  During the healing process, I had lots of time to think and write and ponder about having back to back injuries.  I was just getting better with my hip. That was upsetting.  No Yoga.  Everything hurt.  All I could think about is teacher training is starting in a few months and I am injured.  How am I going to do this?  X-rays showed nothing.  Basically my psoas where tight, my hips constantly and unconsciously tilting forward.  I did classes in Anusura yoga which helped  immensely and just when I was starting to feel like my old self, I injured my eye. 

I don't know about you, but when I get injuried, I go deep.  What was I not seeing? Or didn't want to see? What is clouding my vision? or Unclear? What is it that I am not focusing on? When I had my hip injury, I focused on stability.  The hips relate to stability. A mother balances her child on her hips. the hips also relate to anger.  I had a lot of anger.  I was "focusing" on a situation that I had no power over.  I can't and don't use the phrase "Let Go".  Letting Go is not easy.  It's work and to me just sounds like something else I have to do.  Pick up the laundry, buy milk, feed the cat, and, oh, Let Go. Please. 

But what if being injured is not such a bad thing?   For all the worrying I did over missing classes due to my hip, it actually was what I needed.  A break.  I came back to practice stronger and more flexible.  What if my stability being shaken wasn't actually being shaken up from my own anxieties and from outside sources but rather because I was shaking up my life.   I was shaking up the comfortability of my everyday life.     I was embarking on Teacher Training.  I took a year to mediate on it.  I spoke with my family and they understood this was going to be my priority.  So why all the anxiety?    Filling out the application caused me anxiety.  Waiting to hear if I was going to be accepted caused me anxiety.  What if I get accepted and can't do this???     As I have gotten closer to teacher training, the less my hip hurts.  It is going to be interesting to "see" if once I settle into training, if the pain subsides for good.  What if I can't do this? But...What if I can?   And that is what I chose to "focus" on... injured eye and all. <3